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  Membership of Institutions and Organizations
Membership of Institutions and Organizations 1. TAHUD 2. General Practice Health Management Management Association. 2010-present International Health Econ...
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  Managed Master Thesis
Managed Master Thesis 1. Yeditepe University Hospital in hospitalized patients of expected and perceived service quality SERVQUAL SC...
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  Articles or book chapters in the National Books
Articles or book chapters in the National Books 1. Health Care Costs in the Warehouse Inventory and Inventory Management (November 2013) 2. Contact for Famil...
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  National Scientific Presentations and Papers Published in Proceedings
National Scientific Presentations and Papers Published in Proceedings 1. Elven Ayhan, Fatma Tuncerçelenkoğl, Fatih Lettuce, Aysegul Yildirim Kaptanoğlu Health Professional Persp...
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Articles published in International Journals
1. Primary Health Care Management Business Group on Health (Dec. 2013)
2. Yildirim-Kaptanoglu A. Supplementary Payment Systems Performance Based Public Hospitals in Istanbul. Journal of Higher Education and Science. Volume 3, Issue 2, Page (s) 128-132. (August 2013)
3. Workers E., Söylemez Ö. Kaptanoglu - Yildirim A. Organizational Cultural Intelligence Cultural Intelligence in Hospital Operating Level Determination 2013. A Research Firat University Journal (May 2013)
4. Kaptanoğlu Yildirim A. Pay For Performance (P4P) in Turkish Public Hospital Management. Accepted Higher Education Science. For 2013. Publication (April 2013)
5. Yildirim-Kaptanoğlu A. Aktas I. Via Vignette Methods in Management of Health Indicator. KJHCM Journal of Health Care Management. Accepted for Publication 2013. (February 2013)
6. İlknur Aktas, Aysegul Yildirim Kaptanoğlu, Feyzan Celebrity Ozkan, Mary Kay Yilmaz you, Helen Mattress feelings. Quality of life of patients receiving inpatient physiotherapy and cost analysis. Marmara Medical 7. Journal (2013) 26: 34-38. (January 2013)
8. Quality of life of patients receiving inpatient physiotherapy and cost analysis I AKTAŞ, A. Kaptanoğlu- Lightning Marmara Medical Journal, 26, 34-38 (January 2013)
9. Lightning-Kaptanoğlu Soyer G. A. Parker M. The Relation Between Smoking Habit Among the Students and Faculty Members of Marmara University and Steady Cost of Smoking. Higher Education Science. 3 (4): 12-22. 2012. (April 2012)
10. A. Bektas S. Yildirim-Kaptanoğlu Trust in Their Physicians Hemodialysis Patients. International Journal of Academic Research. International Journal of Academic Research Part A; 2012; 4 (6), 249-254. (March 2012)
11. Lightning-Kaptanoğlu A. The Concept of Public Health Institutions in Performance Management of Primary Care and Inpatient Payments Revenues from. Higher Education Science. 2011. Volume 3 Number 1 (January 2011)
Date : 22/10/2014
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